How I Lost 50 Pounds In 6 Months

by | Jan 23, 2021 | BLOG, Diet, Fitness, Inspiration, Stress

Meet Kristen a student at Training For Warriors Mahopac.

Life Before she started training at TFW Mahopac was full of struggle for her.

To start she had no vision.

We call it The “Compass”.

She had no compass no direction or clue how to live a healthy life.

She ate whatever she wanted.

She took part in late night binges and drank way too many sugary drinks.

Drinking water and exercise were an after thought.  The only exercise she really got was walking her dog around the block once in a while.

She was in the rut, on that unhealthy path unable to break the cycle.

She finally reached the point where she needed to make a change.

She began searching for something to help her change her life style. After countless hours of research on gyms and classes she came up empty, there was nothing that interested her.

She didn’t enjoy working out at big box gyms because she felt embarrassed about how she looked. Not to mention she had no clue how to use any of the equipment.  So because that she stayed away from those kinds of facilities.

One day while searching the internet she landed on TFW Mahopac’s website. After reading every article and watching all of our videos she was finally interested and loved what she was seeing.

She could tell that our gym was different,  like a family that everyone was there to encourage and support each other and not judge you!

That day she filled out the form online and came in for an introduction meeting and brief tour.

Was she nervous?

You bet, but SO so glad she did!

Kristen has been training in the TFW system for just 6 short months but her results have been incredible!!

She’s lost over 50 pounds, has a ton of energy and in her words “feels amazing!
TFW Mahopac transformation weight loss 50 poundsHere are Kristen’s top 3 tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1. The coaches and TFW FAMILY. 

They are so supportive and helpful with everything!

I’M SO MOTIVATED because I know that I’m going to train with some of the most caring people!  I can’t wait to wake up every morning and get there!


Learning what my body needs to be healthy was huge for me. I now only drink water and eat so many more vegetables then I ever would of thought!! (I’ve actually learned that I LOVE them)

Having my Protein shake everyday is part of my routine and I love it!


The classes are amazing!

I really would have never thought I would be excited to wake up and go train! The way they mix the cardio and the weights makes all the difference.

I would have never thought I could sprint and deadlift 210 pounds!

Do you struggle with some of the same things Kristen struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW and get on our 8 Week Transformation Pre-Sale list!

Interested in joining TFW?
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