“Never Give Up” – Kerri’s Transformation Story

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Meet Kerri,

Like most people in today’s world she always seemed to put herself last on her list of priorities.

Always on the go and working many hours, her fitness and nutrition goals were SUPER LOW on that list.

Kerri STRUGGLED with her weight, in fact she was extremely overweight and knew that she needed a change.

She tried everything!

From FAD DIETS to exercise DVD’s, nothing worked!

She heard about the TFW 8 Week Transformation and how it was changing the way people looked at diet and exercise.  So after doing some research she reached out to learn more about the program.

Like many people Kerri wasn’t a person who liked the gym, in fact she found it to be boring.

But, TFW seemed different.

She followed TFW online and was drawn to our message. The workouts looked fun and non-threatening.

So when the September 2016 TFW  8 Week Transformation enrollment opened up she reached out and joined.

Since joining Kerri has seen MAJOR changes in her body, her mind and overall lifestyle!

Kerri has lost 47 pounds and has dropped multiple clothing sizes!

She’s STRONGER, TONED and has more ENERGY than ever!

TFW Mahopac student loses 47 pounds

Kerri’s days of hating exercise are over. She has gone from not exercising at all to CONSISTENTLY going to TFW 4 times a week. She not only enjoys the classes and supportive coaches, but she’s made good friends that relate to her struggles and support her.

“We all support one another and that makes TFW a great place to be”.

Since becoming a WARRIOR Kerri has adopted the life changing philosophy of TFW!  She’s learned about the TFW culture of COOPERATION NOT competition.

Here are Kerri’s top 3 tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1. Healthy eating habits are a must for exercise to work as far as weight loss is concerned

2. Never give up – you will master the exercises.

3. Modifications are okay!! When Kerri first started training at TFW she needed to modify the majority of the exercises, but that was ok. Instead of worrying about SLOWING DOWN the class or NOT KEEPING UP she was comfortable with where she was because the coaches and the culture made her feel that way.

Do you struggle with some of the same things Kerri struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!  CLICK THE LINK BELOW👇👇 and get on our 8 Week Transformation Pre-Sale list!

CLICK THE LINK 👉 The 8 Week Transformation PRE-SALE LIST

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