“No More Migraines!” – Jess’s Transformation Story

by | Feb 7, 2021 | BLOG, Diet, Fitness, Inspiration, Stress

Meet Jessica a student at Training For Warriors Mahopac.

Before she started training at TFW she struggled with healthy eating and motivation to workout.

She actually hated going to the gym.  She belonged to a gym BUT saw no point in going because she had no idea what to do.

Eating healthy was really hard because of her busy schedule.  Instead of planning her meals ahead of time she would just grab whatever was easiest on her way out the door.

She reached the point where she became very unhappy with herself and her body. She heard about TFW and all of their incredible transformation stories.  People were getting real results there!

When she started, she did not expect to stay she basically expected to learn a few good routines to use at her big box gym and then leave.

However she didn’t leave, in fact she completely fell in love with the entire program!

Going to the gym isn’t a chore for her anymore. She looks forward to her workouts and is actually upset when she misses a class!

“I love the fact that its not just a gym, TFW has helped me and my mom learn about healthy eating to the point where we have completely changed our diets and would never go back!”

As for results..

Jess ha lost 15 lbs of FAT in the 7 months!

She’s STRONGER, TONED and has more CONFIDENCE than ever!

She feels AMAZING!

People she hasn’t seen in a while are noticing the difference in her!

Training at TFW has even helped with her migraines, she has gone from getting 3-4 a week to only 1 or 2 per month!!!

Here are Jess’s top 3 tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1. One big tip was “U-turn.” I learned that dieting didn’t have to make you lose out on all that you loved in life. In moderation, its okay to enjoy yourself, as long as you can turn it around the next day!

2. The second big tip I learned was that I couldn’t judge myself based on other people. I had to remember that I am still learning and that just because the person next to me can overhead press 45 lbs, doesn’t mean I should be able to, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

3. The last big tip I learned was having a support system like TFW really propels you to go further. Because this program is a smaller setting, you get to know everyone, they all learn what your goals are and really help you achieve them!

When you are trying to beat your max reps of chin-ups and you have 15 people cheering you on to keep pulling, it pushes you more than you can believe!

On top of that, being able to talk to any of the coaches whenever I need to about questions really makes you feel you have a kickass team behind you!

Do you struggle with some of the same things Jess struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW and get on our 8 Week Transformation Pre-Sale list!

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