Holiday Survival Guide – 3 Steps To Get Fit Not Fat This Holiday Season

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Making healthy choices this time of year can be a challenge, but these 3 simple steps will help you enjoy the season without derailing your wellness goals.


It’s the season to eat, drink, and be merry, but with all the holiday festivities it can be really hard to stick with your healthy habits. I know it’s tempting to indulge now and just deal with the consequences after New Year’s Day like everyone else, but follow these 3 simple steps and you can stay healthy this season—and still enjoy all the fun. 

Below are 3 simple strategies to help you have a Happier, Healthier Holiday:

1. 80/20 Eat, Drink & Be Merry

What Is the 80/20 Rule?


You eat clean, real, whole foods for about 80 percent of your week leaving the other 20 percent of your week to indulge a little.

The 80/20 rule affords you the opportunity to enjoy the foods you love and keep your weight in check.

By allowing yourself to indulge a little it not only keeps you sane but keeps you from feeling the guilt most people feel after a night at King Kone.

You will however have to be careful not to overeat.

If you are eating large portions of even healthful foods like lean proteins, fruits, nuts & healthy fats, you can exceed your body’s energy needs and gain weight. Even though we do not count calories in our program they still do count. 

Over eating will always lead to weight gain.

So it’s still always important to practice moderation and portion control with the 80/20 rule. Your indulgences need to be a reasonable portion rather than an all out binge session. Even though 20 percent is for a “cheat meal’ or a dessert, it doesn’t mean you should order the milk shake to go with nachos, potato skins and the cheeseburger & fries!

Always keep in mind your goal. Just because there’s wiggle room for some indulgences (a glass of red wine with dinner, a piece of cake for dessert) doesn’t mean those calories should or HAVE to be wasted on food with zero nutritional value.

Make good choices!

Furthermore, you don’t even need to use all 20 percent! In fact, it’s probably best to shoot lower than 20 percent.

I ask members questions like “how disciplined are you willing to be?” or “How far are you willing to go?”

Some people can handle 90/10 or 85/15.

You will have to be the judge of how you want to live, the more disciplined and consistent you are with healthy eating and exercise the more results you will see.

Start implementing the 80/20 rule in your lifestyle.  When you start to eat more nutrient dense whole foods, you will learn to crave a bowl of blueberries and bananas instead of cake, or roasted  kale chips instead of potato chips. When you start making choices like that you will begin to think of that 20 percent it as some wiggle room to just live your life and not a reward.

2. Don’t Beat yourself up

Give yourself permission to make mistakes from time to time. Sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise program is great, but there will be times where you eat something unhealthy or miss a few days of exercise.

* If you overindulge on food or don’t work out, avoid letting that destroy your motivation. Keep yourself from going back to sitting on the couch and eating junk food.

* If you have a misstep, get back on track and start moving forward again. You’ll reach and maintain your weight loss goals if you can develop good habits.

I call this the U-turn

You had a bad weekend? 

We all do! Make the U-Turn, get back to eating healthy and get back in the gym!


You’re human. And maybe things don’t go as you planned and you end up losing control over the holidays and that leaves you feeling stuffed and sick. 

It happens, but what can you learn and how can you move forward? 

Here are a few TFW Tips to help get you through 

  • Practice self compassion – Identify what you’re feeling and then recognize that you are human, give yourself some compassion. If that feels hard, think about how you would talk to a good friend if they were in the same position.
  • Don’t get on the scale  – Maybe you don’t own a scale, but maybe you do and you’re tempted to hop on. STOP! You’re bullying yourself don’t do that. That isn’t going to do anything for your physical or mental wellness. Our bodies are dynamic, they shift weight daily. Your weight has no bearing on you as a person.
  • Recognize the impossibility of perfection – You are not perfect. You are human. Sometimes you will make choices that don’t serve you best. That’s okay. Just because you made a decision that you wish you didn’t, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. And it doesn’t mean you need to self destruct and bully yourself. There is no perfect way to eat or perfect body size to be and even though it feels true at times, eating a certain way or being a certain size have no attachment to your value as a person. It is also NOT the pathway to happiness. 
  • Care for yourself the best you can – Get good sleep, go on a walk in the fresh air to feel your body move, or try a Mini – Workout (SEE BELOW!), get back to clean eating.
  • Do the best you can!

3. Mini Workouts

Listen, just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you completely abandon your training!

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little self-discipline, it is perfectly possible to enjoy a happy Holiday Season and enter the New Year feeling FIT, NOT FAT.

Many people fall off the exercise bandwagon this time of year or even worse they simply concede to the holiday and completely rule out the idea of getting into shape during the festive period, assuming there is no point in starting until the New Year. 

I do not get that thought process and I stress that to my members at TFW Mahopac. After polling my 150 or so members, the  biggest struggle for the majority of them to exercise is lack of time.

Staying active over The Holidays is SUPER IMPORTANT not only does it reduce your chances of gaining weight, it also helps energize you, reduces stress and gives you a break from the craziness of shopping, planning the holiday dinner and all the other merry little things you probably have to do. 

So I hooked you up!

Below is my 12 Days Of Fitmas Holiday Mini – Workout Program! Try this program at home or the gym and GET FIT not FAT this holiday season!

[ The Schedule ]

[ The Workouts ]


Remember how you felt on January 2nd last year? 

If over indulging from holidays made you feel discouraged, depressed, stuck, out of shape, fatigued or even overwhelmed.. 


Make this holiday season your healthiest yet, with more energy and vitality. With a few simple steps you can come through the next few weeks looking and feeling your best!

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health and SHARE THIS GUIDE! 

Happy Holiday’s

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