“I Feel LIGHTER and BETTER” – Caron’s Transformation Story

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Meet Caron!

She’s a person who has been exercising and eating healthy her entire life. Motivation is not something she has ever struggled with.

Her struggle was accountability.

In the past she was the only one holding herself accountable, after a while that gets to be difficult.

Everyone needs a coach.

Caron wanted to be pushed beyond her comfort zone, she was looking for a program that challenged her on a daily basis.

She put a great deal of work into her health, and was looking for more of a return in the results department.

Over the last few years she has stopped running and recently hit a certain age where hormones are starting to take over.

As a result she began to see changes in her body.  She also started struggling to lose more weight.

Caron had followed TFW for years and was actually going to join program 3 years earlier but ended up joining a new gym which offered swimming and yoga instead.

“I knew some people that participated in the 8 Week Transformation Program and got great results.”

It was now her turn to see those results…. take it to the next level.

Caron’s niece were interested in the TFW Mahopac 8 Week Transformation as well

Her niece, a senior in HS was returning to activity after 3 hip surgeries and looking to get healthier as well as learn more about taking care of her body with proper nutrition and exercise.

So, in support of  her niece Caron reached out to TFW and signed up for the Transformation.

The cool thing is by trying to help her niece she actually ended up helping herself!

In just 2 short months Caron Lost weight , Toned her entire body and got stronger!

“I feel lighter and better!”

She finally found  program that would push her to learn and do more every day!

The 8 Week Transformation is an incredibly SUPPORTIVE environment from the TFW Coaches and Team to the Regular Members and your fellow 8 Weekers!”

“Without that – none of this would work!”

The classes are FUN, Challenging workouts that are constantly changing!

The Nutrition component to the Transformation inspired her to tighten up her eating and hold herself more accountable by journaling food.

She stopped eating protein bars and processed food all together.

The program opened her eyes to make better choices.

It makes you think twice about anything you put into your mouth and have to write it down. Is it worth it??

Here are Caron’s TOP 3 tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1. You have to put in the work. There is no magic, however there is a journey ready for you and it’s yours to write.

2. Holding herself more accountable by food journaling.

3. Working with an incredibly supportive group TFW Coaches and Team to the Regular Members and your fellow 8 Weekers!”

There is a journey ready for you and it’s yours to write. Everyone is on their own path, TFW has the tools in place and a supportive team to help you at every step.

That is always reinforced in this program.

Do you struggle with some of the same things Caron struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!  CLICK BELOW and get on our 8 Week Transformation Pre-Sale list!

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