Stop Overeating With These 4 Tips

by | Feb 27, 2021 | BLOG, Diet, Fitness, Inspiration, Stress

Let’s face it

You pretty much know what you “should” and “should not” be eating.

Thats not the issue with most of the people I work with.

The real issue is OVEREATING…

While sticking to a healthy eating plan can be a challenge, eating in moderation can be an even bigger one.

Trust me I definitely believe in the occasional indulgence. We all want to enjoy our favorite foods every once and awhile (See my my blog on the 80/20 rule) but avoiding overeating our favorite foods can be a challenge.

Avoid overeating this summer with these tips:

1. SLOW DOWN – One of the biggest reasons people overeat is because they eat too quickly! By eating so fast they fail to give the brain a chance to signal to them that they are full.

I’m certainly guilty of this, especially while enjoying one of my favorite cheat meals…

Buffalo Wings!

When food tastes great many times there is a tendency to eat fast. Practice slowing down your eating, tasting each bite and savoring it. Pausing between bites will help slow you down.

You may actually taste your food.

2. Drink Water – Another trick is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water along with your meal while you eat.

It’s always super important to stay hydrated all the time.

Drinking water during your meal can help you feel full and satisfied, taking some sips of water in between bites of food will slow you down and curb your tendency to over-eat.

3. Load Up On Greens – Greens are important and should always be the dominant food group on your plate. Always fill at least half of your plate with something green: salad like kale or spinach, green beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli…whatever veggies you have. The other portions should be some form of protein and a small serving of starch.

Remember the more you fill up on veggies, the less likely you are to go back for seconds so load up!

4. Eat Plenty Of Protein & Fiber – Fiber and protein can help you feel full faster and more satisfied longer and less hungry. Your body processes a meal full of fiber with lean protein more slowly and it helps you stay satisfied over a longer period of time after eating.

Fiber-packed foods will fill you up with fewer calories. Try replacing regular breads, pastas and rice with whole grain versions like ezequiel or quinoa.

Also, try eating lean protein like eggs, organic chicken and turkey, wild fish and beans to help preserve more lean body mass and build muscles while burning more calories.

For more healthy foods click the image below and Print Out – THE WARRIOR 20 Checklist

If you do over indulge or overeat…it is OK and nothing to feel guilty about. You can always make a U-Turn the next day!

It’s important to never beat yourself up about it or harp on it.

Just move on.

Use these 4 tips this summer try to avoid overeating and do the best you can to eat healthy and keep healthy habits!

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