“I’ve lost huge amounts of FAT & GAINED MUSCLE” – Keith’s Transformation Story

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Meet Keith.

He was a guy that struggled with weight fluctuations his entire life.

Like so many people he experienced something called “yo-yoing” , constantly up and down with his weight

Another issue was actually finding a way to take the weight off and keep it off.

At his heaviest Keith weighed about 270 pounds.

For years, he tried everything, but couldn’t get into a consistent exercise regimen.

He bought Olympic weights but after two weeks they just sat there collecting dust.

He bought a treadmill and stationary bike, even tried several gym memberships but it was the same old story.

Nothing was fun, nothing was sustainable

Nutrition was also a MAJOR struggle.

He tried “starvation diets” during which he would cut calories to an unhealthy low amount.

Weight would come off and he’d be happy for a short period. But his results and that lifestyle was short lived. It wasn’t sustainable, plus he wasn’t just losing fat, he was losing valuable muscle.

When he couldn’t take the calorie deficit anymore, he would bounce right back to his old weight.

Those diets made him feel bad, like he was cheating himself.

Keith’s wife Juli had been attending classes at TFW Mahopac for four months

She was making a huge transformation herself.  He noticed that she started to look tighter and more toned.

She talked about how the classes were FUN and CHALLENGING.

Everyone there was SUPPORTIVE and POSITIVE.

Juli spent weeks trying to convince Keith to join her.

He finally gave in for a one week KICKSTART TRIAL saying, “I’ll try it for a week, but I probably won’t stick with it.”

One year later Keith is attending classes five to six days a week and has never been HEALTHIER!

He’s lost huge amounts of FAT and gained MUSCLE!

In a little over a year he has lost more than 50 pounds!

TFW Mahopac Student loses 50 pounds

The TFW Mahopac Program helped him develop healthy NUTRITION and lifestyle habits.

Before TFW, he struggled to run a mile.

Last week, Keith ran a mile in under 7 minutes and will be running in his FIRST HALF-MARATHON in October.

“I’ve gained lean muscle that’s given me functional strength rather than gym muscles, I feel healthy!”

Here are the TOP 3 tips that helped Keith TRANSFORM:

1. Make a lifestyle change in your nutrition; don’t diet.  Whether it’s the 80/20 rule, 95/5, or anywhere in between, eat consistently healthy most of the time but leave just enough to live a little to make it sustainable.

2. Have fun.  TFW is fun!  It’s the only exercise I’ve done outside of organized sports that I actually enjoy.  Every day is different, you work out as a group rather than by yourself, and variety keeps things interesting.

3. Make sure you stick it out, despite setbacks.  I’ve had plenty of periods during which the needle on the scale wouldn’t budge.  Normally I would regress and give up out of frustration.  But I started to realize that even though my weight wasn’t changing, my body was still transforming.  My clothes were still fitting better and I was still getting compliments on my progress.  And if you make bad food choices, it’s not the end of the world – and that’s not an excuse to make more bad choices since you’ve “already screwed up.”  Don’t beat yourself up and refocus.

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