Focus On Progress NOT Perfection With These 5 Strategies

by | Apr 5, 2021 | BLOG, Diet, Fitness

“THER ARE NO SHORTCUTS”.  That was a quote from my 9th grade football coach Mr. G at Mahopac high school back in 1989. 

Doesn’t that pertain to everything in life?

You’re never going to be perfect. No one is.

All can you do is your best to make healthy choices and strive to improve every day.

It will pay off.

Obviously, the ultimate goal is to be in great shape all the time, but I see so many  people set their expectations too high because they compare themselves to others or models and Hollywood celebrities.

That’s overwhelming and discouraging!

Advertisers and marketers trick us into making us feel like we should be able to look this way all the time.

Not true, OR realistic. 

Think about how many times you’ve seen a famous model or actor on the cover of a magazine or on a commercial looking amazing

Then you’re at the grocery store and you see them on some magazine cover with all their physical flaws exposed by some gossip magazine.

Give yourself a break compare yourself to yourself – and your past results , so that your expectations are realistic and progressive at the same time.

This is the only way, in my opinion, to make this type of approach a rewarding experience.

EVERY DAY is a new opportunity for life changing breakthroughs along with physical and personal growth.

This is an important anchor in your life that needs to be a priority.

I get it!

If you’re like most of us, you’re busy.

You spend most of your time and energy committing to other people and responsibilities beside yourself.

Make sure you block off time to plan ahead and make time for YOU. 

Schedule your nutrition and exercise first…so you can give everybody else your BEST.

Doing this is not SELFISH.

You’ll find the reward will carry over into other areas of your life in a very positive way.

Additionally, your confidence will soar because you’ll end up looking great too.

Here are The 5 Strategies That Help Me Focus On Progress:

1.    Make a list of all the things I need to do everyday and set small measurable goals.

2.    Focus on the positive in my life. I focus on how grateful I am for what I have instead of putting my energy into what’s not working in my life, or what I DON’T HAVE.

3.    SERVE. Showing up for others and helping them, SERVING them takes us out of the selfish mindset. Helping people reach their goals simplifies things for me and makes me feel great.

4.    Take action that is IMPERFECT. As long as I’m taking action, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It still means PROGRESS.

5.    Don’t Beat Yourself Up. Being perfect is exhausting. Embrace who you are right now, not who you will be some day down the road, because the truth is, that day may never come. Life is short.

You must strive for PROGRESS and NOT PERFECTION! Nothing will be perfect. No time will be the IDEAL time to start.


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